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Personal Information

Kuber Agro Industries respects your privacy to the utmost. The privacy policy of KAI provides succinctly with this is the manner your data is collected and used by KAI. If you are the visitor or customer of the site please go through the privacy policy carefully. If you are accessing the services that KAI provide ten you also agree to the collection of data and use of these by KAI as already stated.

Services Overview

As a part of the registration process of KAI, it is possible that they will some collect of the personal data. The data that they usually take is a full name, Email address usually alternative, contact details, postal code, gender, age, address, occupation, etc. apart from these basic pieces of information they also take the information of the pages and sites you visit or want access. Also, they record the number of times yo0u access these pages and other relevant browsing information.


This service is available only on some selected places of India. Also, people who are “incompetent to contract” within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act 1872, are not eligible including undercharged insolvents. If you are below 18 but above 13 then you can use the site if your parents agree to supervise you. Your parents can transact on your behalf but you will be unable to buy adult kinds of stuff from the site.

License and Site access

KAI will give you limited sub-license. This will help you to make personal use of this site but not download or modify anything here. This license will not allow any resale or commercial use. This site will not allow you to reproduce anything, duplicate or copy kinds of stuff, resale or anything otherwise without the consent of KAI. You also can not use any framing techniques or anything of that line to frame, trademark, logo or other pieces of information that belong to KAI without its consent. Also any “hidden text”, cannot be used by you that may contain sites or KAI’s name or trademark without prior information to KAI.

Account & Registration Obligations

Every buyer willing to buy from this site has to login to KAI’s site. All your personal, registration details must be current and correct also updated fro time to time in order to generate a conversation with you regarding your purchases. After agreeing to the terms and condition of KAI the user receives a newsletter and promotional communication for registration. The user at any point can unsubscribe “my account” or can contact the customer service facilities.


It has to be understood that all the products listed are to be sold MRP unless otherwise mentioned. Also, the prices you see and place the order is the price you need to pay at the time of delivery.

You Agree and Confirm

If there is a mistake on your part in entering your personal details and a non-delivery takes place then the extra cost is to be borne by you for re-delivery.
You have to give authority to KAI to contact you for any sort of transactional reason.
While using the site you have to abide by the rules and regulation set by the company.
The delivery address provided y you have to b correct and appropriate in all respect.
When you are transacting in this particular site and accessing any data here it is at your sole risk. The company or the brand is not responsible for any kind of mishap.
you have to provide all information authentically. If any kind of false information is found then your registration can be cancelled or rejected.
Before placing an order you have to go through all the instructions given there, the product descriptions, etc. When you place an order then you have to agree to the conditions of sales.

You may not use the site for any of the following purposes:


We make and try our hard to make things look s it is. But at times the colour of a particular product may vary due to some reason or light. If these are the reasons then the site is not responsible for it.

Modification of Terms & Conditions of Service

It is possible that KAI at times will modify their terms and conditions. This act can take place without further information. So what buyers need to do s go through the policy regularly for staying updated. And once the policy has been changed that will only be followed. This is also expected from re buyers as well to follow the updated policies.

Governing law and Jurisdiction

This is a user agreement. This is believed to be constructed according to the law of India. The courts at Sirsa will have jurisdiction on any proceedings that may arise out of this agreement. The agreement made shall be in accordance with the arbitration and conciliation act pf 1996. The high court Bangalore is alone responsible for the jurisdiction and the laws of India shall be applicable for the case.

Reviews, Feedback, Submission

The property of KAI will include all or any comments, postcards, feedbacks, comments, ideas and or any other submissions that have been disclosed or offered or uploaded in the site. Any other such items otherwise disclosed offered or submitted that is in any way related to the site will also be considered to be the property and be in ownership of KAI. Therefore, any such submission, disclosure of any such comments in respect to the site will constitute to be the property of KAI and KAI will have any and all rights, titles or any copyrights and intellectual property right ownership with regard to the same. Therefore KAI has the liberty to use such rights, titles or ownerships as and when it deems fit either commercially or otherwise. KAI will therefore have the rights and will be able to reproduce, use, adapt, modify, create, put to display and make public such work or any comment that you submit irrespective of the purpose of submission and without any restrictions thereof. As per the User Agreement KAI shall not be under any obligation whatsoever, (1) to maintain any privacy or confidence in the comments uploaded; (2) to provide you with any compensation for such comment; or (3) to provide any reply or response with respect to such comment. Therefore, you seek to agree to these above mentioned conditions and to the fact that any uploads or comments submitted to the site from your side will not be in violation of this policy or any such rights with respect to any third party which may include trademarks, copyrights, any privacy rights or other proprietary right(s) or obligation(s), and will not cause any harm or damage towards any individual, group or entity. Additionally, you agree to the fact that any comments or uploads done by you towards the site will not contain any abusive, threatening, unlawful, violent or obscene material. It will also be free of any virus related to software, any relation to political campaigns, any mass mailings, chain letters, commercial promotions or solicitation or any form of spam messages or texts. Here all the reviews or views that have been submitted by anny customer will be exposed to clarity checks and moderations as when required by out content team. Here in KAI reserves the rights with respect to any modification or publishing henceforth such comments or reviews. KAI also shall hold and reserve the rights with regard to storing these reviews or ratings and not release hem without any liability towards them. Here the right to reject or accept any comment that includes the right to monitor, change, edit or even removal of such comments will be exclusively held by KAI. Here you agree not to use any false identifications like a false email identification, or impersonate any individual group or entity in order to mislead with your comments or uploads uploaded or submitted to the site. You shall therefore take full responsibility of any such uploads or comments and therefore agree to indemnify the affiliates and associates of KAI and KAI itself with regard to the same. Here in KAI and its affiliate and associate group will take no responsibility and will not be held liable with respect to any such uploads or comments submitted by either you or any other third party.

Objectionable Material

It has to be understood by the buyers that using this site may bring them to encounter certain content that may be out of their taste. Here the buyer should use the site at one’s own risk. KAI or any related associates may not be responsible for any content that may be offensive to you. Also, you must abide by the laws of KAI.


As part of the agreement you agree to indemnify and take responsibility thus holding the employees, officers, agents, directors and the successors henceforth of KAI towards or against any claims caused by damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses that will also include the attorney’s fees. You agree to also indemnify any of the above such expenses arising as a result of your actions or inactions that may cause KAI any kind of losses or damages. This will also include any third that will include but may not be limited to any breaches of undertakings, warranties, and representations or due to any non-fulfilment of any required obligation on your part under this User Agreement. This will also include any kind of violations caused in relation to any current regulations, applicable policies or laws that include but is not limited to Rights, payment of statutory dues and statutory taxes, rights related to Intellectual Properties, any violations caused towards privacy, claims related to libel, any loss of services caused by other subscribers, defamations and any kind of infringement of any rights. This clause will be extended and will survive irrespective to this User Agreement.


The User Agreement thus created and signed will remain functional and effective until it is terminated by either parties of the agreement that include either you or KAI. You can choose to terminate this Agreement at your own liking with the fulfilment of the condition that you have henceforth stopped the usage of the site. On the other hand, KAI holds the power and may exercise it to terminate this Agreement anytime it deems fit as per its time and condition. As a result of which your access to the site will be denied, this can be done without any additional liability to KAI. Any materials obtained by means of download through the site that includes copies of such materials, whether made in accordance to the User Agreement of otherwise should be destroyed with immediate effect upon the termination of this User Agreement by wither you or KAI. However, KAI hold the right to comment on any matter irrespective of the termination of the User Agreement. Any obligation arisen from any order already placed through the site or any liability that may have arisen under the User Agreement shall remain to be an obligation irrespective of the termination of the User Agreement made on a later period.